To help us to continue to build and market Gods Word.

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How You Can Help

To help you Know , Grow & Minister the Word of God.

 What you see on this site has been 15 plus years of my hard work and my heart poured out into making the Word of God more available to those who want His Holy Word in their life.

This site is unique among all sites you will search for in the Bible Study area.

I am looking for help in the following areas.

Some one to help me publish in printed form and e-book some of these studies.

Some help with marketing this web site.

Some help to edit some of these 2 plus million files.

Some one to see my vision and help me further polish this web site to make it available for everyone.

Someone to pray over this ministry daily as I pour out the anointing that God has given me to do.

I need more financial help to build on top of the 2 million plus files that I already have in place to market and publish this to the world. 

I would love to have some of these works translated into different languages, to be published in printed and electronic form.

I have much on my shoulders and a heavy burden to get this Word of God out to those who hunger and thirst for His Word.

I am capable and able with the technology that I have to do other translations and other Biblical studies.

Financial help would be very much appreciated.

I am still trying to decide how to distribute these whether to charge for them or to make them free and ask for donations to cover my expenses.

I can publish personally with today's technology a certain amount of these in printed form and on CD in electronic form.

But you have to realize that I am talking over 400 million pages and over 850 gigabytes of material.